Stories Of Survival Panel

Thank you for your interest in being a speaker for Stories Of Survival (SOS).

Our event objective is to share and highlight the stories of everyday people who have survived significant trauma, crisis and / or hardship. These amazing stories will share how trauma shaped their lives today, and how hitting rock bottom helped bring them to the top.

Each session will have a maximum of 4 speakers. The sessions will be run in various locations in Sydney to begin with. Please see below detailed information, please have a good read before applying with your interest.

We are seeking speakers that have survived significant trauma. It can be NDE, trauma, medical emergency or crisis.

In particular we are seeking speakers that have suffered mental illness, disability or PTSD and have used their resilience to come through the other side.


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Further details:

  • We encourage first-timers to apply and tell their stories
  • The panel and audience will be made up of both women and men
  • Solo speaking spots are a maximum of 20 minutes each
  • You will gain speaking confidence and a number of great future-friends
  • As a speaker you will receive x2 complimentary tickets for 2 guests
  • Speakers will not be paid (if you have a speakers fee this isn't for you)
  • Applicants need to be Sydney based, travel will not be covered
  • Click here to read the complete event synopsis


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