Time for a Lunch 'n Learn?

  • Deadlines looming?
  • Teams at breaking point?
  • Need to bring back the pizazz?
  • Unsettling changes?

Seminar Topics:

Live your best life. Today.

During this seminar we will reframe the way you view your roles, and how we can utilise your strengths more during your day to day - reminding you to make each day your best day, by simply looking at things differently.

Dispelling the myths around failing.

There is no such thing as failure. Only failing. During this seminar we will discuss why it's ok to try and fail and why it shouldn't be the barrier that stops you progressing. This is especially important when asking for promotions, trying out new roles, speaking to executives and any time you are taken out of your comfort zone. 

*available for larger speaking engagements. Please enquire.

How it works:

  1. Book and confirm a date
  2. Send invites out to internal staff to attend
  3. Book an internal meeting room (theatre, boardroom, or any type of setup will work!)
  4. Staff can bring their lunch in or you provide

Requirements for the day:

  1. Projector and screen (I'll bring a laptop and/or USB)
  2. A room big enough to host those invited (max 25px)*
  3. An open and receptive audience!

To book and find a date: Simply complete the contact form ensuring you tick "Lunch 'n Learn" in the subject.