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An unplanned career break is costly...

"I'm not afraid of money any more," she says. "It will come and go. I got made redundant last year and initially I was devastated but after a week I just thought 'You know what? You've been through so much worse. Get over it. It will work out.' " (PRINT & ONLINE)


I'm not ready for this!

"Sometimes the plan that you’ve drawn out for your future isn’t always the path you should take. I listened to my instinct and ignored what my head told my heart and I’m so grateful I did." (PRINT)


"I've had to learn the hard way that sometimes shit happens"

“I’m grateful that I’m a survivor and that I have stared death in the face – something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. But having been through such personal, professional, physical, mental and financial hardship, this experience has allowed me to be fearless and relentless in my pursuit..."

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The best thing that happened to me this year [2017]

“When I was made redundant from my marketing job in August, I was devastated. But I realised hitting the bottom means you can climb up... (PRINT)


MEDIA RELEASE: Self care non-fiction novel preorders open 15th September.

  • Leola Rose to crowd fund first autobiography "I'm not done yet" via Publishizer
  • Self care non-fiction book to motivate and inspire trauma survivors
  • Honest and raw encounter of how trauma and mental illness shaped Leola Rose's positive outlook on life

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A young Sydney woman is lucky to be alive after a major artery exploded in her brain...

Leola Rose didn’t have a headache when she rocked up to work on November 5, 2010 and had no idea of how much her life was about to change.


'Bang, then my vision went blurry': Woman, 28, forgot how to walk and talk after artery in her brain BURST...

Leola Rose, 28, was at work and had no symptoms anything was wrong, when she took a bathroom break. 

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Leola Rose was 28 and in perfect health when her life changed in a second

When Leola Rose headed to work on November 5, 2010, she didn't even have the slightest of headaches.

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Leola’s Story

After waking up eight hours later in hospital, Leola was shocked to learn she had experienced a near-fatal brain aneurysm – a terrifying ordeal which would soon lead to a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).


Insight, A Hidden Injury

Humour and love persist - despite some significant hurdles - through an acquired brain injury. Mervyn and Leola Small's story tomorrow night, on Insight.

Brush with death sets Leola Foon on course for business she loves

After suffering a life-threatening brain aneurysm three years ago, Leola Foon understands the importance of a healthy lifestyle and doing something you love.

Sydney Entrepreneur Turns Life’s Lemons Into Lemonade

Making the best out of truly adverse circumstances is embodied in Leola Foon. At just 28 years of years, the fit and healthy Sydneysider nearly lost her life to a brain aneurism.


5 tips for living your best life

I was a young marketing specialist with the whole world in front of me. I was content with my job, I was fit, healthy and full of life. Suffering a ruptured aneurysm took all of that away from me in the blink of an eye.

I survived a brain aneurysm

Against the odds, Leola Foon is recovering from a ruptured aneurysm that could have taken her life.

Every day is a gift (chapter)

While I was in hospital, everything that I thought mattered to me, didn’t... and only after a life threatening situation was I able to finally learn that.