I love TALKING! But more than anything, I love helping. My experience with hardship has given me the tools and know-how to inspire and motivate any group of people - professional or casual. 

If you're looking for a group or keynote speaker for a conference, I would love to help. Please see below my areas of expertise. All talks will be tailored to gain maximum engagement from the audience.


Perfect for

  • Inspirational story telling
  • Personal development for staff
  • Motivational kick-off meetings
  • Women's groups and associations
  • Inspiring young individuals
  • Overcoming and embracing times of adversity

Live your best life

Do you ever feel that life is a bit "meh"? Don't sit another day waiting for opportunities. We weren't put here to work and pay bills - we are meant to be living! Learn to live your best life with a few encouraging experiences that have turned my world around.

Make your interactions worth retelling

I've worked in the corporate world for 15+ years and the one thing that remains true is that you need to be noticed to progress. Listen to how overcoming adversity has propelled me to climb the corporate ladder, and ensured my interactions are worthy of retelling.

Be fearless and get what you want

After looking death in the face, I can honestly say that I am fearless. While living an opportunistic lifestyle I will discuss how to take the fear out of living and how a few mindset changes can get you closer to what you want.