Did I mention I'm an expert Marketer?!

Currently a Chief Marketing Officer (with many hats) helping businesses to connect on a personal level using data driven messaging to enrich the customer experience - utilising video as it's primary channel.

I'm an enthusiastic Marketer with 15+ years of experience and a driven leader looking to inspire individuals to greatness. I am meticulous, tenacious, hard working, a proactive self starter and am not afraid to get my hands dirty. 

Branding and internal communications has become just as important as client facing channels. One of the areas I focus on is to develop rapport and educate internal teams on the values of the business. 

Since surviving a near-fatal brain injury I know that life is short and it should be lived as best as possible. I encourage fullness in both professional and personal life - and to use your energy wisely. 

Humans are notorious for doing things they "don't want to do" - Life doesn't have to be that way.


Websites I've worked on

I've worked on Corporate, Professional Services, Sole trader and SME websites and brands. A lot of the website development also incorporated collateral including event documentation, marketing material and building online presence. I've also taken existing websites and redeveloped look and feel, changed theming and/or made small changes to format for a better user and customer experience.

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Other services include

  • Flyers, posters and promotional material (using existing IP)
  • Social and online presence - including social post imagery and content, scheduling and strategy planning
  • Business card design
  • Event collateral - invites, event headers, posters, social media posts, website updates
  • Video editing