Stories Of Survival (25th October 2018) Videos

Carly Jeffrey always felt a little 'different', and wasn't totally surprised to find out in her early 20s that she displayed traits of OCD, Anxiety and Depression. On the night Carly will share how small steps and manageable adjustments can end up making a world of difference to your mindset and your life.

Melissa Wiringi is an author, speaker and mind bender, helping women on a mission to achieve their highest potential. She has risen u p after suffering domestic violence, depression and becoming a solo mother. She has not only survived but thrived, taking control of her life and making many of her lifelong dreams a reality.

Elaine Laurel - Having survived layers of trauma across 3 decades, Elaine will share how her powerful discovery of 'choice' helped her through years of depression, self sabotage, recovery from sexual trauma and deep loss. Her story will be shared with the utmost vulnerability and honesty.