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Andrea Halbert - "I've always considered my life to be a seasoned journey filled with many challenges, many memories and many successes. Armed with wisdom from many of my past failures, the highs and lows of the last 40 odd years, nothing would ever prepare me for the day my heart broke into a thousand pieces and I arrived home from a weeks vacation after meeting my soul mate to where I discovered one of my children had decided she no longer had a place on this earth. Suffering from severe anxiety and PTSD, I took several months off work often with sleepless nights filled with endless tears and self-blame whilst trying to find answers at the end of a bottle - welcome to my new life, I had officially stopped living!!

Today, I have been back at work now for the past year, I don't quite drink as often or as much, my anxiety and PTSD is more manageable, I'm back hiking and cycling, I've undertaken some fundraising events and I have the answers I was searching for.  I have finally found peace. I am very honoured and grateful to be able to share this story of a very dark and excruciatingly painful time in my life and I hope this will help you on your journey."


Christine Koffi has experienced the unthinkable and every parents’ worst nightmare. She lost her only child to a rare cancer like blood disorder called HLH. She will take us through this agonising journey of the aftermath of despair in a story is that is powerful, honest and emotional.

Determined to inspire and help others through grief and loss, Christine's gentle words and understanding are aimed to give you hope and guidance for your reluctant path.

On the night

Quotes from the night

“So if anyone tells you that you can’t do it, just always remember that you can” - Andrea Halbert

“If there was a happy ending for me… I wouldn’t be standing up here today” - Christine Koffi

“I will not let this extinguish my fire” - Christine Koffi