Do you ever wake up and think... "I need to change the world"?

I do.

There are probably more days than not that I wake up and have some kind of gargantuan epiphany about my life. I feel as if there must be a rumbling fire in my belly nearing explosion.

How can you change your world while working a 9 to 5 (Or an 8 to 6!)? Changing your world always starts with people. I go to work each day with the objective to treat others with the respect they deserve. This is an easy one for me. Celebrating wins, recognising credit where it's due and shining a light on your team. If you work for someone that doesn't do these things - then you aren't at the right place. Seeing others happy changes my world.

I saw an interesting quote today. It said to pick a boss, not a job. In my almost 2 decades of being in the workforce I am finally realising the truth of that statement. A good boss can bring out the best in their team, where a bad one can crush it. They say that your worst boss will be your best teacher.

"Don't pick a job. Pick a Boss..." ~William Raduchel.

So where were we... oh yes changing the world. As I get older I've decided that life is no longer about going to work and paying bills. And why would I ever want to do that forever!

But what does that even mean? Stop looking for work, look for your passion.

What is your passion? What truly makes you smile from the inside out? I had a conversation with a colleague the other day - I was telling him that anyone has the ability to do exactly what they want in life and it is your choice to do it or not. I know this is not everyone's opinion, but I believe it in my heart to be true.

Do you ever catch yourself doing something that makes you really happy? Is it cooking? Presenting at a board meeting? Looking after children? Uncovering insights in data? Helping others? Whatever it is... run with it.

Not everyone has the ability to start their own business and live the entrepreneurial life - that's not what I'm saying. What I am saying is to live the best life you can. Find what makes you happy and just do that.

Doing something that makes you happy changes your outlook on life. You'll find yourself happier to help others and positivity will always find you, as well as radiate from you.

Changing the world is easy. You just have to start by changing yours.