UPDATE: New book "I'm not done yet"

Book thumbnail.jpg

I'm pleased to confirm that I have recently hired an editor and secured an international publisher for my upcoming autobiography "I'm not done yet"

The fact that I have done this is actually quite scary for me - as I now have to complete the book *argh*! This is a huge step for me, as I started writing this book in 2011 and it is now finally coming to an end. It will definitely be the first of many!

My editor (who is in Aust) will keep me accountable for writing and I am aiming to complete the book in the next 2 months. Following it's release I am going to outline a series of future books - I'm way too excited about this I think!

Once the book is written and available through publishers I will share how you can buy your own copy (if you haven't already pre-ordered). It will be available through online publishers in both print and e-book. Please subscribe to my page for updates.

Please contact me if you have any questions about my upcoming book or if you have suggestions for future books :)