I'm not ready for this!

I’ll be the first to admit that I was terrified when Merv first told me he had a son. I was always honest with him and told him that I never wanted kids - just a personal decision I guess.

Not only that but I had also promised myself not to get involved with someone that had a child already... and yet here I found myself.

You know when something feels so right that you just can’t ignore it? That’s the kind of good gut feeling I was experiencing when I spent time with Merv - I couldn’t ignore the chemistry.

So here we are almost 12 years on married, stepson (yet still no siblings) 3 dogs and living a life we love.


Lesson learnt?

Sometimes the plan that you’ve drawn out for your future isn’t always the path you should take.

I listened to my instinct and ignored what my head told my heart and I’m so grateful I did.

Take 5 Magazine, edition Jan 25th 2018