Not everything is as it seems

There are so many ways to fake happiness. Inspirational Facebook status updates, perfectly filtered Instagram photos, amazing snapchats, pretty clothes and happy text replies - would prove that you (or I) are always living the dream.

But what happens behind the lens? The tears, the fears, the makeup free days, the sleepless nights, the bags under our eyes... why do we hide those from the world? 

Like most, we like to portray this perfect existence (or close to), and while we strive to "be real" the fact is, we choose what to share... we select only the best.

Today was a hard day for me. Over the weekend I slept for almost 18 hours and didn't wake up until almost dinner time on Sunday. I had a full and deep sleep, and I'm not really sure why. I often put on a brave face and am more than likely wearing an invisible mask when I'm out socially.

Why do I wear a mask? Maybe I'm scared of having to answer to people. Scared of what they might think - why is she always sad? She always seemed so successful. She is someone I want to be like, she has everything going for her - I've heard it all before, but it's often the ones that "seem" perfect, that aren't really at all.

This evening a darkness came over me, which compelled me to put pen to paper (or key to screen) to highlight the fact that not everything is as it seems. Even the most "put together" people are fighting the biggest demons on the inside. Not everyone is wired to show emotions, or feel the need to cry or chat about it - I'm certainly not that person.

So while we like, share and scroll through our social media feeds - be mindful that not everything is as it seems. Reach out to your real friends, touch base with those that you care about - for nothing in return other than a reply that they are ok.

Don't believe everything you see. Life isn't lived on screen.