This is me

Have you ever felt so defeated you just don't know where to turn? That you feel you've exhausted all your options and have no one to talk to as you've already used up your "sad quota" time with your friends and family? Perhaps you feel that people are sick of hearing how sad and depressed you are all the time? You've become a negative sad sack and don't feel like anything is going right despite all your efforts to try turn things around.

This feeling if I were to describe it physically is exhausting and heavy. I feel dull and prolonged chest pain combined with heart palpitations. I feel as if I've had a strenuous shoulder workout, I'm tight and sore in my shoulders and neck, most likely from my permanent state of tension. It's exhausting pretending to be ok all the time.

But you know what. Sometimes life knocks you around. I've been knocked around a few times in my short life - some worse than others. Yet I've gotten through them all, unscathed and a little stronger than before.

So here I am reminding myself that I will get through this too - and better than ever mind you. I will soldier on as I always have, cry when I need and celebrate when I win. 

The only constant in life is change. It is inevitable, no moment will ever remain, everything passes. So while I sit here writing this in my darkness and in a state where I feel I am trapped at the bottom of a well - I must take solace that my situation WILL change. Perhaps not today, but it will.

I will continue to move forward and manifest positive outcomes and opportunities always. This is but a small hiccup in life to which I can survive, as I know what I am capable of surviving. I am open to new and exciting connections in the near future.

Today is a new day, tomorrow isn't promised. Make the most of every moment, because it will change soon enough.