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[BOOK PREORDER] "I'm not done yet"

PREORDERS OPEN - 15th Sept to 15th Oct

This book is for anyone with a hunger to change their situation, or feel they are "stuck in a rut". Reading through Leola's experience you will be able to see that anything is possible and you are only as strong as you want to be.

For the past few years, as time has allowed, I’ve been working on a nonfiction book, "I'm not done yet" which goes through my journey of surviving a traumatic brain injury and how it turned my life on its head.

This book goes through my story, recovery and the challenges faced following what seemed like a positive outcome. In hindsight it was but it's taken a lot of energy and hard work to have come out better than before!

It goes up for preorder on September 15th on Publishizer.

This is why I’m reaching out to you! I am crowdfunding this book on Publishizer and need your help to spread this story to as many people as possible.  If you want to have exclusive access to preorder this brand new book, and get some cool bonuses, please preorder on September 15th using this link and share this with your networks close and far!