We've all got that friend...

I've been lucky enough to share my adventures with many people and it's fairly safe to say that I only surround myself with the best of friends. You'll never see me rolling with a huge posse, or inviting people to my birthday that I've only met once - I choose quality over quantity.

Some friends will drop in and out of your life like time never passed - those are my favourite friends. The ones that understand that "life happens" and sometimes time gets away from us. Yet the next time we meet... it's like nothing ever changed, even if its weeks or years between wines...

Throughout my journey I've learned a lot about energy, where it comes from and how we spend it. I've realised that I have wasted a lot of time on "friends" that added nothing to my life, and if anything, brought me down. My dad once told me that you've lived a good life if you can count your true friends on one hand.


5 friends - Your ride or die.

  1. THE LISTENER - The friend that you can pick up the phone to and have an hour long rant about some bullshit they may not even know about. That friend simply listens, offers no advice, laughs and cries with you - but that's it. The friend that helps you get things off your chest, that allows you to say what you want and just listens.
  2. THE DROP EVERYTHING FRIEND - The one that's first on your speed dial when shit hits the fan. The first person you call when you've had a big fight with your partner - whether that's to hide the body (joking!!), eat ice cream with or pick you up on the side of the road if stranded - don't lose this friend!
  3. THE ADULT - We've all got this friend! This is the friend you call for "adult" advice. To discuss your next career move, what insurance you need, advice on how to apply for a home loan or how to combine your super! The Adult is the one I call when I am fed up with "adulting" - because seriously, how hard is it to be an adult!
  4. THE FOREVER FRIEND - This is the friend that you've known forever. The one that you remember going down the slide with when you were 5 or setting them up with their first boyfriend. This friend has been in your life for years and as time has passed has remained close regardless of distance. In my life, this friend is my cousin <3
  5. THE KNOWS TOO MUCH FRIEND - This is the friend that you would write your burn book with - then burn it. The one that when a certain song comes on, you look at each other and just know what she's thinking. It's a mutual friendship that holds no judgements and slates are clean at the end of each day.

I hope you're all lucky enough to have these friends, whether it's in 1, 3 or 5 friends. Remember it's never about how many friends you have, but how good your friends are.