I need your Votes to win!

UPDATE - I'm a finalist in the 2018 Altitude Awards in the Pay It Forward category!


The Pay It Forward Award is based on public votes which means I need your votes to win - VOTE NOW Votes close May 21st.

Winning this award would be a great achievement for me. It will allow me to leverage this wonderful Award to further spread my message of living your best life, as well as advocating for increased mental illness support and education, especially for children. Scroll down to view Award criteria.

I would love your vote and appreciate you sharing - I hope you can be part of this journey!

The Pay It Forward Award recognises an organisation, or an individual, selfless and dedicated to helping or enhancing the lives of others.

Give a brief overview of your business/organisation, including start date.

I'm a sole trader who after facing a near death experience in 2010, have dedicated myself to changing the lives of both myself and others through my organisation Leola Rose

In a recent speech I did for IWD 2018 I stated that "I made a decision that this trauma in my life was not going to beat me, and I'm going to continue beating it every day that I'm alive". I aim to beat it through sharing my experiences to highlight how precious life is and to purposefully live your best life. 

Regarding the Pay It Forward Award my passions include voluntary, charity and work within the disability and mental illness sectors, including: 

  • Board Member for Streethearts (2014 – present) - a grass-roots NFP who got together to make a change to those sleeping rough. Every public holiday we prepare lunch and distribute though Sydney. We also work closely with FACS. 
  • Raise Foundation Mentor  – Certified Mentor working with school children (1 mentee) for Terms 2 & 3. 
  • Home Care Heroes – I'm a Companion to the disabled / socially isolated (Currently working with a 14yo autistic boy. I take him out for his activities. I really think it's more rewarding for me!). 
  • Lifeline Phone Crisis Supporter (in training) 
  • Wayside Chapel Volunteer (1993 – 2010) 

The specific areas where I want to make a difference include: 

  • Mental illness (MI) in children – Witnessing my son grieve after losing his best-friend to suicide at 16 years old, was one of the hardest things I've seen. Which is why I've joined RAISE FOUNDATION as a mentor to help in this area. 
  • Mental illness awareness & stigma – As a sufferer of MI this is an area I'm passionate about making a positive change in. MI is often the root cause of addiction, homelessness and abuse – there is a lot this area can affect in the long term. Why I volunteer at LIFELINE and work with STREETHEARTS
  • Trauma Victims – Put a spotlight on trauma survivors as most of the recovery work is focused around physical aspects. A lot of negative mental trauma often follows. Which is why I share my story, struggles and all. 

Some people enjoy painting, I enjoy voluntary pursuits and charity work. Sometimes I think it sounds like a cliché - but I love spending my life doing this!