Stories Of Survival

Stories of Survival is a platform for survivors to share. Not only to help inspire audiences, but to allow the story teller to unpack and be at peace with the hardships (and ongoing healings) experienced in their life. 

After surviving a NDE in late 2010, Leola has had the opportunity to share her story to the public through multiple channels including TV, print and online. The more Leola's story was shared, the more people approached her with their own stories and challenges. 

"It's so true - everybody has a story. This is why I've put this series of storytelling together. It's not your typical self-help seminar, it's really a modern day version of sitting round the campfire"

Leola's goal for Stories Of Survival is to host regular events around Australia to allow people to share the amazing challenges they've overcome including traumatic events, injury, physical & emotional abuse and mental illness. It also works as a platform to help them begin that often hard introduction to speaking to an audience.

The #StoriesOfSurvival Series


S.O.S #2 - March 12th 2019

On Tuesday March 12th, story tellers Andrea Halbert and Christine Koffi joined the SOS series for a special International Womens Day 2019 evening.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room as these 2 fiercely powerful women and mothers shared their stories of losing a child.

Andrea and Christine didn’t give us a magic potion or a formula to come to terms with grief, but simply a message that you must simply continue to live day by day. Read more.



S.O.S #1 - October 25th 2018

On Thursday October 25th, story tellers Carly Jeffrey, Melissa Wiringi and Elaine Laurel joined the SOS series.

The evening was raw, honest and even surprising at times. Our attendees listened and shed tears with our story tellers - it was a magical night.

A key takeaway from our storytellers was that we need to be mindful of the words we speak to our children, we have the power to shape a young persons future based on the words we speak. Read more.


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Further details:

  • We encourage first-timers to apply and tell their stories

  • The panel and audience will be made up of both women and men

  • Solo speaking spots are approx. 20 minutes each

  • Speakers will not be paid

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